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Can Corona be opportunity in disguise for Digital India

Can corona pandemic act as a catalyzer for Digital India

When Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi declared lockdown, digital was seen as a ray of hope. In the Indian context, digital economy started to become the necessity of the hour. The question that now arises is that will Digital be accepted as a way of living or is this a temporary blip.

Many businesses might even struggle to rise back on their feet and some may never rise again. Suddenly the talks of AI and ML have faded out. Digital is here to stay and will see rapid changes in the next few years in terms of M&A, innovation and opening up new segments.

Netflix in India – Success or Failure

Netflix was launched in India around 2016. Since then it has been under the limelight. The objective with which Netflix landed in India was to obtain its next 100 million customers. With the growth in the USA stagnating and stock prices plunging, they had to look for avenues to expand growth horizons. Though Netflix does …

Porter’s 5 forces in the New Age Economy

Warren Buffet recently made a strong pitch in favor of capitalism. This is a great motivation for many budding entrepreneurs. Though along the lines of pitching for capitalism, Buffett also mentioned that new age capitalism is quite different than what it used to be in the earlier decades. What is New Age Capitalism? New age …

3 reasons why Disney chose to start their own Streaming Service

Disney Plus launch on November 12

Disney surprised many people last year, when they announced to become an OTT (Over the top- similar to Netflix) player. This streaming service, also known as Disney+, would stream some famous brands from media industry. It was a surprise since Disney earned millions of dollars by selling its content to various distributors. Now, Disney was …

3 Reasons why Google bettered Yahoo

Google v/s Yahoo

As Google celebrates its launch anniversary today (on 15th September), it has affirmed its place as the Search synonym in web space. Way back in the late 1990s and early 2000s it faced tough competition from Yahoo. Infact, Google v/s Yahoo was a yesteryear favorite tech discussion. Yahoo, once a favorite for many in the …