Here are some of my published thoughts over various platforms.

What Why and How of Request Management

This whitepaper provides insights into how a Request Management Solution (RMS) can increase procurement efficiency and effectiveness.

Impact of Algorithmic trading

Research paper on how the Algorithm trading has been evolving around on the globe. This mode of trading is also is in its early stages in India and is expected to grow rapidly. The paper concludes with the recommendations on how Indian regulatory should approach this upcoming trend and how we can optimally utilize it

Blog on Application Packaging

This blog is to share information on Application Virtualization (App-v) and Cloud Computing. Check this first blog that I created

Published Articles

Article on changes to FDI in Retail in India in 2012. This article was originally published in a college Magazine called eGlobuzz.

Pranab Mukherjee, the then finance minister of India, introduced GAAR (general anti avoidance rule), along with annual budget of 2012-2013.
Published on MBASkool. This post was written around the time of introduction of GAAR.