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Lemonade Insurance Wallpaper

Lemonade – a new way of doing Insurance

When Life gives you Lemonade, you refresh the way of doing business 😛 Warren Buffett, an American investor, always loved insurance as a business. His portfolio reflects his affinity for insurance. Insurance as a business has grown significantly and became supremely profitable. Although, the insurance business has remained stagnated in its approach over the decades. …

Business model of whatsapp

WhatsApp Pay – The Fitting piece in puzzle to Monetize Whatsapp

Why Whatsapp wants you to Pay ? NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) recently gave approval to WhatsApp for allowing payments through its platform. WhatsApp had a long pursuit for allowing payments in India. Getting approval in India in BFSI does make headlines, though this time it is special. Let’s look at why WhatsApp payment is important and what could be Mark Zuckerberg’s plan with in-app payments. WhatsApp – A …

NPCI – Unsung Hero of India’s Fintech revolution

An Indian enterprise leading by example in the Fintech space When it comes to Financial deals, New York and London are the torchbearers. India and China, are considered leaders in Fintech innovation. Fintech has evolved basis some good innovation in the private sector in India. In the payment and Fintech space in India, NPCI (National …