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What is the superfood that will give Zomato, much-needed boost?

Zomato, India‚Äôs homegrown foodtech company, is planning to launch its IPO soon. The company has undergone a massive transformation in just over a decade. Zomato has had its fair share of push coming from its competitors. The company amidst its IPO plans; has a steep challenge of remaining relevant in the delivery context. Let us …

Digital Dollar, Digital Euro, Digital Yuan

Why are Central banks rushing for Digital Currency?

Plans behind China’s digital currency Covid-19 has been the accelerator for digital transformation at many organizations. It has forced companies to relook at their business models. Fear of contagion has made handling physical cashless desirable. The central bank-issued currency notes have also come under the lens and might just get a digital makeover. China has …

Wise Business strategy

Transferwise – How an ancient system helped disrupt new age business

Transferwise has been in the news a lot these days. They are becoming Wise; I meant they are renaming their company as Wise. (Further, will use Transferwise or Wise alternatively to address the same company). They are also planning to come up with their IPOs. Founders of the company have launched their investment fund (not …

BharatPe Business Strategy

How BharatPe’s Merchant focused business strategy is reaping rewards

Recently BharatPe had a funding round of $108 million, valuing the company at $900 Million. Indian Markets already have tons of payment gateways and payment processors. BharatPe made a dent in less than 2 years in a payment market, which seemed saturated already. BharatPe is now a soonicorn (soon to be a unicorn) company. Achieving …