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Is the eCommerce future oversold in India?

eCommerce future oversold

Global e-Commerce markets have touched $3.46 Trillion online in 2019, up from $2.93 Trillion from 2018, as per a forecast published by Digital Commerce 360. This global scenario certainly looks promising, with a rosy picture being portrayed about its future prospects. Yet when you look at individual organizations, there are only a handful of organizations …

How Kindle used iterative approach to win e-Book segment

How Kindles iteration process helped product growth

Amazon launched its e-reader ‘Kindle’ around 2007. By the year 2018, Amazon has sold close to 90 Million devices (Source). As per a study published by BISG, 32% of the book reading device market was captured by Kindle devices. Highest market share is of Personal computers which of course is the obvious choice for many. …