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Is the eCommerce future oversold in India?

eCommerce future oversold

Global e-Commerce markets have touched $3.46 Trillion online in 2019, up from $2.93 Trillion from 2018, as per a forecast published by Digital Commerce 360. This global scenario certainly looks promising, with a rosy picture being portrayed about its future prospects. Yet when you look at individual organizations, there are only a handful of organizations …

Indian Retail e-Commerce – Strengthening Business Niche

Indian e-commerce players

Indian retail e-commerce is becoming a highly competitive space. Read more about how consolidation has replaced growth in the segment Amazon v/s Walmart While we are talking about e-commerce, US markets have been the prime influencers for the industry until recent times. Amazon has been the torchbearer and has led to many innovations. Walmart and …

Indian e-Commerce Retail – Consolidation replaces Rapid Growth

Indian e-commerce players

History While most of the world was celebrating the new year 2019, retail e-commerce players in India were trying to figure out ways to comply with a new policy. This policy was planned to have holistic growth approach for smaller players in India. While e-commerce players have survived policy shock, times ahead are expected to …