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Meesho and the Rise of Social Commerce

Meesho Social commerce using Whatsapp and Facebook marketplace

How Meesho utilized social network to empower women entrepreneurship Recently during a discussion with a friend, Meesho’s business model came up as a topic. The one aspect which surprised was, that Meesho uses Whatsapp to sell its product, instead of directly selling it on its platform. In an era where most platforms want to increase …

What made TikTok Successful?

Secret behind TikTok Success

Global rush for buying TikTok – explained TikTok is buzzing despite being banned or on the verge of being banned. Tiktok post its launch in 2016, has seen its popularity charts scaling new heights. Its presence in 150+ countries has helped it become a global phenomenon. Despite all its shortcomings on privacy invasion, there is …

How LinkedIn Could Improve its feeds

How could LinkedIn Improve its feeds

LinkedIn when launched in 2003, was conceived with the idea of Professional Networking. With its growing set of a target audience, It has helped professionals connect across geographies. LinkedIn has implemented various features which would bind its users. Some of its best features include the ability to connect with Alumni network or ask for a …