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How Outlook and Cortana Integration could help improve efficiency

Outlook, cortana and Teams integration

Microsoft Outlook is used by over a billion people. A billion users is a mark achieved by a few software vendors. Most of these software vendors are either new age or social media. Outlook, on the other hand, is relatively old and has a strong sustained user base. Outlook has iteratively been adding various features. …

Hyper-personalization in Food delivery business

Hyper personalization

After a tiring and a hectic week, working professionals do not always prefer to go out for elaborate dinners. Hence we have seen the concept of food delivery. Not only the concept has formed strong grounds, but it is also quick. Food Ordering – Then and Now Flashback to a couple of Years – Customer …

How could Pocket make reading PDFs easier

Pocket app for offline reading

Problem statement There are plenty of offline reading solutions available, however, PDF reading over various portable devices has still been painful. Imagine reading a pdf on mobile where you have to continuously scroll left and right and also up and down while just reading a single page. In the age of kindle and some fantastic …