Farewell, Zycus !!

It’s been close to 5 years in Zycus (4 years 10 months and 27 days to be precise) and it has been an exciting journey overall. With an eye on financial domain software products, and a heavy heart its time to say good bye.

In May 2014 along with Narendra Modi, I also became PM, thank you Ashish Mohan Jha for trusting and providing me this opportunity. We started off with a 2 month Induction process, though a rigorous, but it sailed through smoothly, thanks to the fellow PMs

Post induction, i was given the opportunity of leading Request management solution (only in the concept stage then). There were a couple of failed attempts and curious customers waiting for the Product for more than a year. Thank you, Prasad and Ashish for being amazingly awesome mentors and guiding me through the early days in PM

Thanks to the wonderful efforts from the engineering team (teams rather)

  • iRequest today is one of the Key and best selling products
  • Flexiform well integrated and supporting the dream of seamless integration
  • TMS is achieving new peaks

Thanking the wonderful engineering team for all the sincere and collaborative effort and for all wonderful times beyond work.

Thank you all from the Sales, Marketing, Pre sales and Pilots team for all the support and making the products a super success. Special thanks to delivery and operations team for enabling some of the most critical customers.

Zycus has been a fun journey with many ups and downs, and finally moving out with much learning, bonding with some amazing people and opportunity to work on some great products.

Thank you all the fellow product managers, you are a super team

This journey has been made possible with the guidance and mentoring of Shekhar and Bikash. Thank you Aatish for trusting and providing this opportunity.

Time to say Good bye !!
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  1. We will miss you Nikhil.

    Suddenly my oldest of friends in the organisation have started leaving – makes me feel very emotional. Remembering the Gal 2 journey !!

    Will miss all the meeting room gupshups, fights (sorry about those once more ☹) , gossips – you have definitely made an impact on the way I think and the way I work.

    Will definitely miss all the guidance, mentoring and strategic discussions on : “What to eat, where to eat and what to eat after that and after that” – but yes we still have you on a call or whtsapp for these !!

    Thank you so much for much needed support and advice when I needed it the most in personal life

    Wish I could have been in Mumbai to say my goodbyes (only from professional life)

    May you have great success in your career path and reach new heights !!

    Best of luck. Stay in touch – take care.

  2. Hi Nikhil,

    Working with you has been a pleasure. In Zycus there are few ppl who had willingness to hear the issue at first place, that itself won the half battle with you
    Good luck for future endeavors.

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