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How Netflix could fix it’s India Strategy

How Netflix could fix its India Strategy

In the previous article, we discussed whether Netflix is a success in India or not. While it is too early to be definitive, Netflix landed in India in search of its next 100 million customers, Basis reports, Netflix has only acquired 11 Million customers in India, so far. Netflix being written off by most because …

Can Corona be opportunity in disguise for Digital India

Can corona pandemic act as a catalyzer for Digital India

When Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi declared lockdown, digital was seen as a ray of hope. In the Indian context, digital economy started to become the necessity of the hour. The question that now arises is that will Digital be accepted as a way of living or is this a temporary blip.

Many businesses might even struggle to rise back on their feet and some may never rise again. Suddenly the talks of AI and ML have faded out. Digital is here to stay and will see rapid changes in the next few years in terms of M&A, innovation and opening up new segments.

Indian Retail e-Commerce – Strengthening Business Niche

Indian e-commerce players

Indian retail e-commerce is becoming a highly competitive space. Read more about how consolidation has replaced growth in the segment Amazon v/s Walmart While we are talking about e-commerce, US markets have been the prime influencers for the industry until recent times. Amazon has been the torchbearer and has led to many innovations. Walmart and …

Indian e-Commerce Retail – Consolidation replaces Rapid Growth

Indian e-commerce players

History While most of the world was celebrating the new year 2019, retail e-commerce players in India were trying to figure out ways to comply with a new policy. This policy was planned to have holistic growth approach for smaller players in India. While e-commerce players have survived policy shock, times ahead are expected to …

Is IPL losing its Spark?

IPL losing its spark

Way back in April of 2008, when Ganguly and McCullum walked out at the home of RCB. They not only created history but set up a pillar for an amazing journey called IPL. From the very first hundred that day, we have seen a lot of sports filled with drama. Over the years we have …