Why Mega tech companies are foraying into Fintech

Google Amazon, facebook, Apple in Fintech

At the start of the decade 2011-20, we saw more and more companies foraying into the Fintech space. Most of these companies were new-age startups, which innovated a new way of doing traditional financial transactions. What surprised many, is when Mega tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon started to foray into this fintech space. These big tech companies opted to partner with financial institutes to create new offerings. They started with a simple payment mechanism and thereafter have been adding to their offerings. Let’s look at why this collaboration was formed.


In the last decade, we saw a global financial meltdown. Banking & Financial services Institutes (BFSI) companies were looking for an opportunity that would provide a much-needed boost. Steve Jobs in 2007 had launched a revolutionary concept of smartphones. These smartphones fast became the drivers of economic growth.

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How Netflix could fix it’s India Strategy

How Netflix could fix its India Strategy

In the previous article, we discussed whether Netflix is a success in India or not. While it is too early to be definitive, Netflix landed in India in search of its next 100 million customers, Basis reports, Netflix has only acquired 11 Million customers in India, so far. Netflix being written off by most because of this reason.

India has always presented a great opportunity for any business since there has been enough target audience for most businesses. Netflix has had a decent start in India and could reach its target to acquire all of its 100 million customers in India itself. It will now depend on the course they take further, which will define if they grow exponentially or not. Let’s analyze and look at possible avenues for Netflix to acquire more customers.

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Can Corona be opportunity in disguise for Digital India

Can corona pandemic act as a catalyzer for Digital India

With sudden lockdown in many countries, the Corona Virus has been successful in bringing economies down on their knees. Many businesses that depended heavily on human intervention have suddenly crippled. When Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi declared lockdown, digital was seen as a ray of hope. In the Indian context, digital economy started to become the necessity of the hour. The question that now arises is that will Digital be accepted as a way of living or is this a temporary blip.

The picture for Digital Economy 2025 looks bright. For the answer question of current crisis, let’s look at some of the various segments where Digital has expanded its wings and also how it has worked during the Pandemic.

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Curious case of Amazon Food Delivery Business

Amazon Food delivery business in India

Amazon recently made an announcement that it plans to foray in the Food delivery business in India. The obvious question to the commoner is why would Amazon want to get into a business which would add to its losses. Last year it made a futile attempt to acquire Uber Eats. Zomato ultimately acquired Uber eats, reducing the market to a duopoly. If Amazon was serious about its plans, what was it waiting for? Amazon is less than a month of this acquisition, made announcement of its plans. Not only is the timing interesting, but the idea itself raises many questions on why would Amazon want to burn its hands again in a business which did not work out earlier. Does Amazon really see a huge untapped opportunity?

Why Amazon got in Food Delivery business in India?

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Netflix in India – Success or Failure

Netflix was launched in India around 2016. Since then it has been under the limelight. The objective with which Netflix landed in India was to obtain its next 100 million customers. With the growth in the USA stagnating and stock prices plunging, they had to look for avenues to expand growth horizons. Though Netflix does not officially publish its region-based numbers, as per RedSeer consulting, Netflix has reached an approximate 11 million Monthly active users in India. This number is far from their original target of 100 million. Netflix is already being written off as a failure in India with Amazon Prime and Hotstar, able to produce big numbers. Let’s analyze if Netflix really is a failure or there is a long term plan evolving.

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